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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Cullman, AL? If you are, then you’ve found the right page!

Established in 2010, APM Leasing & Management specializes in taking care of single-family homes, multi-family units, and commercial properties in Northern Alabama. We offer superb customer service, transparency, and full commitment to maximizing the returns from your Cullman rental home.

If you’re a new property investor, you can depend on our full range of top-quality services, from keeping your rental property occupied, screening the tenants, and collecting the rent to maintaining it in outstanding condition.

With APM Leasing & Management in charge, you will reduce your property vacancies, land great tenants, and save time, money, and effort when it comes to your Cullman rental home maintenance and repair.

Seasoned property owners can rely on us to monitor each and every unit to be completely habitable to their renters. Thus, stress will be kept at bay. We have experience, professional skills, local knowledge, and vast resources to help you achieve your financial goals.

APM Leasing & Management uses updated software to streamline your rental operation, making it convenient for your renters to pay on time. With efficient systems and processes used in your Cullman rental home, things will run smoothly, lowering conflicts and property problems.

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Call us today and find out how we can serve you better and meet your investment goals. You can reach us at (256) 308 1152. We look forward to maximizing your investment returns and setting an optimal rental price for your Cullman rental property.

Our Property Management Services

APM Leasing & Management is focused on helping property owners find the right tenants and avoid property vacancies, collect the rent dues on time, conduct extensive tenant screening and keep your rental in an excellent state!

Here are the benefits you gain as our client:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

Vacancies should be avoided if you want to generate consistent returns from your Cullman real estate investment. With APM Leasing & Management taking over marketing, we are set to attract a pool of prospects to your property. We have the requisite marketing skills, and industry expertise to settle on the right marketing techniques to use.

We create and post high-definition photos and professional videos to draw the target market online. We use several property sites, but we don’t stop there. Part of our strategy is also marketing offline through traditional methods such as putting up signages and spreading the word to our network.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Placing the wrong type of renters on your Cullman rental home can result in a lot of problems and stress. That’s why proper tenant screening must be made. Background checking demands a lot of time, and if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and time to conduct this, let APM Leasing & Management handle the process.

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With our decade of experience, we’re able to recognize the red flags and evaluate thoroughly based on employment, rental history, finances, and eviction records.

We take time to do an interview, contact referrals, and review the details of each piece of information presented and collected. The right tenants will lead to a good long-term relationship, and we’re always working to retain the best tenants to reduce property vacancies.

3. Rent Collection

Collecting the rent as a self-managing landlord in Cullman can be tedious and inefficient when you don’t have the right software tools. Under APM Leasing & Management, you can save more time in rent collection as we use AppFolio to make it easier for the tenants to pay on time.

We’re also able to monitor the rent payments easily and communicate to the tenant should the rent be past the due date. Our method dissolves a lot of stress for landlords. We encourage rent payments through digital transfers, e-checks, or credit cards.

This allows renters plenty of options, plus the platform that we use is user-friendly and secure. As a landlord, an efficient rental collection system leads to stable earnings and time savings since you don’t have to contact your clients to follow up.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping your Cullman rental home attractive builds its value for a long time. It motivates your tenants to keep on renting. A well-maintained rental home also leads to lower repair costs. Thus, helping you save money in the long run.

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APM Leasing & Management has a team of vendors we work with regularly to maintain the upkeep of the rentals we manage. We address property issues quickly before it becomes expensive to fix. We schedule the repairs promptly and keep up with the routine property maintenance and inspections.

We deal with cleaning the rental, conducting move-in and move-out inspections, seasonal inspections, and supervising the outdoor upkeep as well. If emergencies happen such as flooding, plumbing issues, or electrical interruptions, we are quick to address such emergencies.

About Cullman, Alabama

Cullman is considered the largest city and known as the county seat of Cullman County in Alabama. Its city area spans a total of 20.6 square miles.

Residents enjoy staying in Cullman with its strong economy, providing a lot of job opportunities. Families with kids also appreciate having access to good schools and the high sense of safety it provides. The city also offers a lot of amenities and several parks, making it a good environment to live in.

Here are interesting places to see in Cullman, Alabama:

  1. Cullman County Museum
  2. Sportsman Lake Park
  3. Hurricane Creek Park
  4. The Evelyn Burrow Museum
  5. Larkwood Falls

Source: Wikipedia

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