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Are you a property owner in Decatur, AL, tired of the challenges of managing rental properties alone? Do you manage mutliple businesses and responsibilities? You don't need to search for solutions, simply contact a property management company!

At APM Leasing & Management, we understand these challenges and are here to help. We have a long-standing history of excellent management in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and the surrounding areas.

Our customer-first property management approach helps us to perfectly manage a large selection of diverse properties. We have a professional team of property managers who are highly qualified to take good care of our property owners. We care for the properties owned by our clients as if they were our own.

As your property management company, we are not only dedicated to maintaining your investment, but also seeing it blossom and maximizing your investment returns.

Our highly qualified team of experts provide round-the-clock services and support to ensure your Decatur residence is kept in great shape and generates great returns. Get in touch with us today, to learn how together we can reach your rental property investment goals.

Our Property Management Services

Our property management services are designed to meet the specific needs of property owners. We search to provide customized services that make us stand out from other property management companies and fit your flexible and unique needs. Below are some of the property management services we offer for your Decatur, AL residence:

Marketing Your Rental

It is frustrating to have rental properties that are not bringing you any form of return. A vacant Decatur, AL property means no income for the owner, while still costing money, which is bad for business.

We understand that your investment should bring you returns and make that happen through proven marketing strategies. Our property management goal is to search for the best advertising strategies to attract as many high-quality residents to your property, as possible as quickly as possible.

We will design an advertisement, tailor-made, for your target audience and use high-end marketing platforms to reach as many potential residents as possible.

Screening Tenants

From our experience in property management, we understand the need to lease to quality residents. In our books, quality residents will keep the Decatur, AL property in great condition, are creditworthy, have no criminal records, and have a stable source of income.

Bad renters are a waste of time and money for Decatur landlords, and may leave the premises in a worse condition than they found it. Which makes our screening process even more critical as we search for quality residents to keep long term.

Collecting Rent

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At APM Leasing & Management, we understand the need for your investment to produce regular income. To achieve this, we ensure timely collection of the rent.

We have a flawless rent collection system that makes it easy for residents to make their payments on time directly to your bank account.

Repairing and Maintaining the Property

Keeping your North Alabama property in good shape is one of our key goals at APM Leasing & Management. Keeping the residence in top-notch conditions not only attract residents but also complies with the state's requirements of the premises concerning safety, primary health, and building standards.

A well-maintained property keeps the tenants satisfied. It also encourages them to take good care of the property and make a timely report of any issues. Happy residents are also likely to recommend the property to friends and family, as well as renew their lease.

Throughout your agreement with us, we will carry out routine inspections of the property. Your Decatur, AL property manager will complete these inspection services with the tenants so that the process is not intrusive.

Finding and taking care of any defects early on can save on maintenance costs and also keeps the property in great condition. In order to minimize costs, we negotiate with contractors for our repairs and maintenance to get perks.

Reporting on Your Finances

Our satisfaction comes from helping you achieve the investment goals for your property. To help us achieve this, your property manager will keep you updated on the financial status of your property. This includes providing the relevant financial documents regarding income and expenditure.

We will also provide you with records of all accounts payable, accounts receivable, a general ledger, a statement of income and expenditure, a balance sheet, a monthly bank statement, and reconciliation.

About Decatur, Alabama

Decatur, Alabama, is among the fastest growing cities in the southeast of the U.S. Many professionals are attracted to the area to take advantage of the industries and firms who have made Decatur their home.

But it’s not all work in this Alabama city.

There are many options for recreation to help residents unwind. A worthwhile mention is the Tennessee River. During spring, water activities are very popular attractions.

Over the past few years, Decatur’s population has risen causing an increase in housing demand. So, investors who make good use of this opportunity can gain impressive returns on their rental investments in the long run.

Part of the population increase can be attributed to the quality and highly rated schools in the area. Some of the rated options include Eastwood Elementary School, Austin Junior High School, and Walter Jackson Elementary School.

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