Trusted & Proven Property Management Services in Northern Alabama

Are you a property owner, landlord, or investor looking for professional property management services in the Northern Alabama area? At APM Leasing & Management, we have the solutions for you!

Established in 2010, APM Leasing & Management is the top property management choice for landlords and property owners across Northern Alabama. Specializing in single-family, multi-unit, and large complex properties, APM Leasing & Management works with all types of landlords and property investors to effectively manage your tenants and properties.

As a results-driven team, our dedication, commitment, and integrity are always on display through the property management services we provide.

We work hard to not only manage your property but to help you attract and retain quality tenants, streamline business operations, create effective financial solutions, and ensure your property is operating smoothly and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on customer service that goes above and beyond standard expectations and have built a strong reputation throughout Northern Alabama as a trusted property management partner for landlords and investors.

Our services are designed with tenants and property owners in mind. Our primary goal is to provide a sense of trust and long-term value. Here are just some of the services that APM Leasing & Management provides to our landlord and property owner clients:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

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We work hard to ensure that your property is never left vacant for long. Simply put, we do this by utilizing strategic advertising and digital marketing to ensure your available listings reach your target audience. From professional photography and videography to online advertising and social media, our team can elevate your rental listings and help to attract and retain your preferred tenant.

We utilize both traditional and modern advertising techniques to reach a broader pool of prospects and keep rental income flowing. With our full-scope marketing expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your rental listing will look professional and be effectively managed.

2. Tenant Screening Process

As your professional property management partner, we take significant steps to ensure that the right tenants are placed in your property. With over a decade of experience, we have the resources to conduct thorough screenings while managing the entire tenant selection process.
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Our comprehensive screening process involves managing the application process, interviewing potential tenants, running detailed and applicable in-depth background and reference checks, and coordinating the lease and move-in/out services.

With our comprehensive tenant screening services, our clients won’t have to worry about difficult tenants or long vacancy periods again. By investing this time upfront, we help to establish excellent long-term relationships with tenants saving property owners time and money.

3. Rent Collection

With APM Leasing & Management solutions, you never have to worry about the monthly rent collection process ever again. Using the online property management software AppFolio, our team of property managers offers tenants the convenience of virtual rent payment via electronic money transfer, direct withdrawal, e-check, or credit card.

Our online payment platform is hassle-free and secure so your tenants never have to wonder whether their information or banking data has been compromised. By allowing tenants to pay through a digital platform, our APM Leasing & Management team helps to eliminate unpaid rent and create more sustainable payment methods for your tenant.

We integrate best practices into all of our rent collection processes so you never have to worry about addressing rent collection issues or following up on unpaid fees.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

At APM Leasing & Management, we work hard to ensure that your properties are not only occupied but also well maintained. With our team of maintenance professionals and contacts with trade-specific professionals, you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right, no matter how big or small.

Our property managers and maintenance professionals are committed to ensuring any maintenance work or issues in your property are communicated effectively and addressed promptly. We manage ongoing property maintenance such as cleaning, painting, move-in, and move-out inspections, and outdoor maintenance.

For emergency or more specialized maintenance work, our team works with a trusted network of trade professionals to address issues effectively and quickly. Specific maintenance needs such as flood repair, electrical work, structural work, and plumbing can all be addressed through our local vendors and trade professionals.

With our ongoing preventative and proactive maintenance, landlords and property owners take a sigh of relief knowing that we have their properties’ best interest at heart!

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

With our AppFolio accounting software, all property owners have access to reports, ongoing expenses, and revenue, and can quickly check in on the overall financial health of their property investment. With our accurate and detailed financial reporting, we manage all the day-to-day operational reporting that you need to keep your property both tax compliant and making money.

We provide monthly and annual financial reports, as well as work to identify cost savings and operational efficiencies. This allows the owner to know that their property is running at its maximum potential. When you choose us as your property manager of choice, you’re choosing a team of experts that have been serving the Northern Alabama area for over a decade.

Our reputation, customer-first approach, and industry know-how have set us apart from other competitors in our area. We offer scalable service and pricing and work with all of our landlords and property owners to find the best solutions to fit their unique properties.

For more information on any of our APM Leasing & Management solutions and services, please contact a member of our team today!