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Are you stressed by the late-night calls from your tenants asking for this or that? Having difficulty collecting the full rental amount from your Morgan County property?

Consider hiring Advantage Property Management! We are a leading property management company in the region, offering tailor-made property management packages for our clients.

Our company has over ten years of practical experience offering management services and advising property owners in Morgan County. We now manage dozens of properties in the area, including single-family homes, multi-family rentals, and condominiums.

From our experience managing property and working with landlords, we understand that your priority is in maximizing your rental income and minimizing risk. Our staff has the experience and expertise that will help you meet your ROI targets and enjoy a stable source of passive income - without any time or energy spent on your end!

What makes us unique from the competition in Morgan County is our customer-first approach. While we offer a wide range of property solutions, Advantage Property Management doesn’t take a one-fit-all solution. We are always ready to customize our solutions to meet the needs of our clientele.

Looking for an experienced and reliable property management service company in the area? The team to rely on is Advantage Property Management. Call us at 256-308-1152 or get in touch with us by email at info@apmalabama.com. Our team is looking forward to breaking down our services for you!


Our Morgan County Property Management Services

Offering quality and comprehensive property management services to landlords in Florence, Huntsville, Madison, Athens, New Market, and other suburbs in Morgan County, Advantage Property Management offers a wide range of services.

To give you an appreciation and understanding of the services that we offer, our expert crew has outlined a few of them below:

Compliance with Legislation

In the acquisition and leasing of your investment rental property, you will need to adhere to the local and state laws. Anything less than compliance may lead to paying heavy fines or having to go to court.

To avoid such a scenario, rely on the professional team from Advantage Property Management. We have years of experience guiding property owners in all matters of rental management. In addition, our property managers know the county ordinances, State, and federal laws like the back of their hands.

Should there be any changes in legislation, we shall interpret them accordingly and advise you on how best to implement them.

Property Inspection and Maintenance

Your typical Morgan County renter is quite selective when it comes to the condition of their rental unit. To match their standards and demands, the team from Advantage Property Management carries out frequent inspections of your rental unit to detect any issues early on. This proactive approach helps to reduce maintenance costs and replacement expenses in the long run.


We have an in-house maintenance crew that is able to meet the minor repair requests made by your tenants. For major repairs to the property systems, e.g. the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical system, Advantage Property Management has made partnerships with reputable professionals in the area who will make the repairs at an affordable cost.

With Advantage Property Management as your property manager, you can be guaranteed that your property will be in tip-top condition all year long.

Financial Accounting Services

Why should you hire an accountant to maintain the financial records of your Morgan County rental property when you can have Advantage Property Management? As part of our comprehensive property management solution, we offer accounting and record-keeping services.

All the documentation from your property will be kept secure; from invoices to inspection reports to warranties to payments. Come tax season, we can also help you fill with annual reporting and filing of the necessary tax documents.

With accurate accounting of your income and expenses, the team from Advantage Property Management can help you budget for your next financial year and ensure you make the most out of your property’s income.

Tenant Screening and Selection

To enjoy all the benefits that come with property leasing, you need to lease your space to a high-quality renter. What characterizes such a renter is their ability to pay their rent on time and in full, maintain the rental unit, and also comply with the terms of the lease agreement. You can only find such a tenant when you implement a thorough tenant screening service.


Don’t have the resources or experience to screen your potential renters? That’s no issue when your property partner is Advantage Property Management. Over the years, we have refined our property screening service to ensure that we only select the best tenant for our clients.

Our screening solution includes credit history checks, income checks, rental history, identity, and criminal background. Using this set of criteria, we will inform tenants whether they have passed/ failed the screening criteria and are eligible to lease your space.

Advantage Property Management also complies with the provisions of the Fair Housing Act.

Living in Morgan County

The population in Morgan County has been growing steadily over the years, making it the ideal place for prospective investors looking to invest in real estate.

Part of the growth can be attributed to the major highways and transportation routes located in the county. Using either U.S. Route 31, Highway 231, or Interstate 65, residents can move easily within the county and access other states.

A significant percentage of the demographic in Morgan County is young couples and families. They are attracted to the county by the quality and comprehensive educational programs. Some of the notable mentions include Hartselle Junior High School, Crestline Elementary School, and Barkley Bridge Elementary School.

Another advantage of living or investing in Morgan County is the price of land. Even with quality amenities and offering a serene lifestyle, the price of real estate is lower than the national average. Furthermore, the cost of living is affordable. Residents of the country can testify to the affordable cost of healthcare, transportation, utilities, and food.

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