If you are a landlord or property owner in the northern Alabama area, the team at APM Leasing & Management is looking forward to meeting you.

As a customer-first, results-driven team, we are committed to providing scalable services and solutions for any property investor. Our services include a comprehensive approach to tenant management, financial reporting, and ongoing and emergency maintenance. With our industry expertise and impeccable reputation, you can trust that our team at APM Leasing & Management works hard to ensure your property is managed effectively and efficiently.

We understand the detailed nuances that go into the everyday operations of running a rental property. We specialize in single-family, multi-unit, and large complex properties, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Established in 2010, APM Leasing & Management is the top property management choice for landlords and property owners across Northern Alabama. We pride ourselves on our team's dedication, integrity, and customer-first approach to service. We go above and beyond industry standards to provide short-term and long-term value to our property owners.

Why Choose Us As Your Northern Alabama Property Management

Whether you have a large property investment portfolio or just starting out, the team at APM Leasing & Management has the expertise and solutions for all of your investment needs. Our customizable service packages are designed to fit any investment portfolio and budget, so you can rest assured that you are getting the right combination of services and expertise to make your property run smoothly and cost-effectively.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should hire APM Leasing & Management today:

Avoid Vacant Rental Units

With our tenant guarantee, we work hard to ensure that your property is never left vacant. How do we do this? Through our rental marketing process!

We utilize the industry’s best traditional and digital marketing techniques to help ensure that your vacant rental listing is reaching the widest possible audience of potential tenants. From professional photography and videography to virtual tours and online advertising, we make sure that your rental listing is top of mind for your ideal client.

With access to top industry tools and marketing expertise, our team takes the headache out of finding a new tenant for your property. We help save you money and time in the long run by avoiding vacant rental units.

Find Perfect Tenants the First Time, Every Time

As your trusted partner and managing your investment property, we go above and beyond to ensure we are matching your available rental listing with only the highest quality tenants. Our extensive tenant screening process helps us to ensure that we find you the right tenant the first time, every time.

With over a decade of experience in the tenant selection process, we have the time, resources, and industry know-how to ensure that you are finding the right tenant for your space. Our comprehensive screening process involves a detailed application process, potential tenant interviews, applicable background, and reference checks, and establishing a process for leasing and move-in/move-out services.

By investing this time upfront, our tenant screening process helps to establish excellent long-term relationships with your tenants and ensure that your property is never left vacant for long.

Stop Wasting Energy Collecting Rent

With the APM Leasing & Management team in your corner, you never have to worry about the cumbersome rent collection process ever again.

Using a rent collection platform called AppFolio, we offer tenants the convenience of an online, secure payment platform including credit card or eCheck rent payments. With this easy-to-use, secure platform, we ensure that your rent is collected quickly, efficiently, and without ever compromising your tenants’ banking information.

Offering tenants multiple ways to pay their monthly rent helps to eliminate the potential for unpaid rent. We also create more sustainable payment methods for your tenants including payment plans, bi-weekly payments, and the option to pay all fees online.

In addition to the standard rent collection, our property managers manage unpaid rent collections and regular fees for your tenants. You'll never have to worry about chasing rent payments ever again!

Save Time and Money with Our Maintenance Offerings

When you work with us, you have access to our extensive network of contractors, trades professionals, and maintenance experts. We offer our clients discounts on preferred maintenance packages and access to ongoing and emergency repair services with the top professionals in the Northern Alabama region.

We work hard to ensure that your property is run efficiently and cost-effectively, thus preserving the overall health of your financial investment. We don't cut corners and we keep your property’s investment value top of mind.

In addition to access to our extensive network of trade professionals, we also maintain contact with your tenants to address ongoing and emergency maintenance issues. This is incredibly important to keeping your tenant happy and renting your property.

Let Us Do the Paperwork for You

With our extensive financial reporting capabilities, all of our clients have access to On-Demand financial reporting to check in on their ongoing expenses, revenue, and the overall financial health of their property investment.

Through the property management software AppFolio, our team manages your day-to-day reporting and operational paperwork. When you work with us, you'll never have to worry about sorting through stacks of papers ever again.

With our local industry expertise, we ensure that your property will be compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. Since we prepare your financial documents thoroughly and in time for tax season, you can guarantee that your property is both tax-compliant and earning you income.

We also provide our clients monthly and annual financial reports and audits to identify cost savings and potential operational inefficiencies. Our goal is to ensure your property investment is growing year over year.

For over a decade, landlords and property owners in the Northern Alabama area have been choosing APM Leasing & Management as their partner in managing their property investment. We offer scalable service packages and unique solutions to any property or client need. No matter the size of your investment portfolio we have the solutions for you.