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APM Leasing & Management has been operating since 2010, helping property owners manage their single-family homes, multi-family units and commercial properties in Northern Alabama.

We are the premier property management company in the area of Florence AL, offering a full range of property management services. From finding high quality renters, conducting tenant screening, performing property inspections, maintenance, and repair.

We specialize in providing exceptional service to your tenants and keeping your rental investment in top shape. Enjoy our local expertise, professional skills, and full-time commitment in serving your Florence rental home’s needs.

Best of all, we package the perfect customized property management service plans for your Florence rental home. Our customer service approach is designed to cater to the well-being of your tenants, so retaining them is effortless.

If you are interested in finding out more information on the ways we can support your rental business, contact us today at (256) 308 1152. We are ready to help you maximize the returns for your Florence investment property!

Our Property Management Services

Our property management services are comprehensive including: collecting rent promptly, handling vacancies through effective marketing, performing meticulous tenant screening, maintaining the upkeep of your Florence rental home and more.

Here are the benefits of our property management services:

Marketing Your Rental Property

Part of getting your unit ready to rent is creating an effective marketing strategy that lures in prospective tenants and enables you to maximize the rental value of your property.

APM Leasing & Management will work with dedication to get the right tenants into your property using strategic advertising. We will maximize online ads, yard signs, networking, word-of-mouth, and flyer distribution to gather a group of quality potential tenants.

Screening Prospects Effectively

On your own, tenant screening can be a challenge. There are many different things to check and it may take a while to get the information you need.

Consequently, you may lose the opportunity to land a great prospect by waiting too long. On the other hand, it is not acceptable to welcome tenants in your Florence rental with no background check at all.

APM Leasing & Management has a comprehensive procedure of tenant screening. We look at references, ask for submission of documents and conduct an interview.

We are focused on finding the best type of tenants who will keep up their end of the leasing agreement. This means they will, pay rent on time, adhere to the property policies and show respect for the quiet enjoyment of others.

tenant screening process

Collecting Rent

With APM Leasing & Management’s help, your rent collection efficient and on time. We take your tenants convenience into account and use advanced software for our rent collection - namely AppFolio.

This provides the renters with several easy options when paying the rent for your Florence rental home. Our streamlined digital payment method saves you a lot of time and minimizes overdue payment for renters.

Maintaining and Repairing the Property

Effective property maintenance is important to protect your Florence rental home. You create more value and inspire your renters to renew their leases by keeping your property in great shape.

In addition, you also save money given that well-maintained rental spaces have fewer repairs and slower wear and tear.

APM Leasing & Management has well-vetted contractors that they turn to whenever property repairs are required. If the property owners request upgrades, we can also coordinate with our network of vendors.

Part of our property management maintenance program involves conducting move-in and move-out inspections, seasonal checking, scheduled cleaning and repainting of the unit. Should emergencies occur, we are always available to resolve the situation quickly.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Another great benefit of hiring APM Leasing & Management to manage your Florence rental home is access to accounting software that forwards financial reports that detail the rental’s profits and expenses.

This presents property owners with an accurate snapshot of the financial performance of their rental home.

financial reporting

About Florence, Alabama

Florence is considered the county seat of Lauderdale County. Its total area spans twenty-five square miles with 24.9 square miles dedicated to land while the rest of 0.1 square miles is made up of water. Florence is also situated near the Tennessee River.

Residents enjoy staying in the engaging Florence community for its variety of art and cultural recreation activities available all year round.

The area also offers excellent amenities including shopping centers, parks, and restaurants. It is a family friendly city where fun entertainment is easily accessible.

Here are interesting places to see in Florence, Alabama:

  1. Children’s Museum of the Shoals
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House
  3. Kennedy Douglass Center
  4. Florence Indian Mound and Museum
  5. Braly Municipal Stadium
  6. Pope’s Tavern Museum
  7. McFarland Park
  8. Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge
  9. Walnut Street Historic District
  10. W.C.’s Handy House

Source: Wikipedia

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